Over more than 50 years the INSTITUTE FOR PLANING AND PROJECTING “ISPROEKT” is a leading company in the field of general planning, researching and designing of new constructions; enlargements, reconstructions and renovations of existing buildings and engineering works.

The company is established in 1948 under the name “PTT Project” and from 1972 is renamed to IPP “ISPROEKT” as a part from the newly created Ministry of information and communications.

About 90% of the National telecommunication system of Bulgaria is set up thankfully to the projects of IPP “ISPROEKT”.

As joint- stock company “ISPROEKT” exist from 1994 and posses its own office building in Sofia - town.

IPP “ISPROEEKT” is specialized in making projects for:

  1. Post offices and technical buildings for telecommunication installations. The post offices in the centers of Smolian, Burgas, Blagoevgrad, Sliven and many others cities in the country are character building, formatting the skyline and the athmosphere of the city centers
  2. Office buildings and business centers for selling telecommunication services
  3.  Banks, offices, financial salons, safety- vaults. According to the projects of “ISPROEKT” a big part from the bank system of Post bank, United Bulgarian Bank, DSK, CCB, etc. is created.
  4. General radio and TV transmission and retranslation centers, towers, masts. The TV towers of peak Snejanka - Pamporovo, area Kopitoto - Vitosha, Russe, Dobrich, Belogradchik, etc. are emblematic for the BTC /Bulgarian Telecommunication Company/.
  5. Studing radio- TV complexes
  6. Residential and  vacation houses, stores, restaurants
  7. Vacation and resort complexes, hotels
  8. Garages, warehouses, workshops, service-stations